- A private version of

     - Fully controlled and administered independent of Revelytix

     - Can be deployed as a SaaS offering or hosted behind your firewall

MyKnoodl is a complete semantic-technology platform bringing the benefits of semantics to your enterprise information management and analytical challenges. It includes all of the components necessary to host semantic applications. It is web-based semantic-technology infrastructure and can be hosted in the Amazon EC2 cloud and used by your enterprise as a software service (SaaS) or hosted behind your corporate firewall as a web application available on your internal intranet.

MyKnoodl Features

  • Includes a highly-scalable native-RDF triple store
  • Ontology editor for creating and managing OWL DL and OWL models
  • An ontology-driven instance editor
  • A SPARQL query wizard
  • View designer to support reporting and analytics using the ontologies
  • Support for Google gadgets and charts for visualizing query results
  • Role-based security and user account manager
  • A rich wiki for collaboration
  • Community creation and maintenance capability
  • RSS support
  • Search capability

If you are setting out to build almost any semantic-technology-based application, you will need most if not all of these capabilities. This offering is the underlying technology for our public website,, home to the largest community of web-based ontology development.

MyKnoodl as a Semantic Platform

MyKnoodl can be used to build a wide variety of semantic-driven applications such as:

  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Ontology-driven portals
  • Ontology-driven e-commerce sites
  • Semantics wikis
  • Tag libraries